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The chase

Year: 2021

Focus: Game design, Ideation

Skills: Unity Animation, Git


The chase is a 2D game developed by 5 people within 2 days for Global Game Jam 2021. I'm in charge of prefabs and charactor's animation. The game was nominated NYU Best Visual and Best Sound Effect.


The theme is "lost and found" this year. The game is inspired by my true story in NYC night club that I chased a thief and got back my wallet.


Based on the theme Lost and Found, we brought up some related ideas and experiences. We decided to stick on my story of chasing a thief in a club. In terms of game's format, several epic games inspired us to create a 2D running game such as Red Carpet Rampage, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Doodle Jump ...etc.

Our game is consisted of 3 scenes, which is telling a story that a girl met her love in a club when chasing down the thief and happily got a baby after that.

Scene#1: Lost my wallet, catch the thief!
Scene#2: Found bachelor at club, catch him!
Scene#3: Catch the baby with the bachelor in the heaven!


Some footages

Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map

Me and my beautiful teammates ⭐⭐

Customer Journey Map

The final presentation