Resume About Works

p5.js Compilation

Year: 2020

Focus: Ideation, Interactive design, Front-end

Skills: p5.js, Git

I've done several interactive works by p5.js for my individual project and practices. I organized all the works and put them here. It is recommended to use a computer/laptop to browse.

The prime number game

It's a fun educational game for memorizing prime numbers. The game start with 50 points. You'll get the points when you click the prime number, and lose the points when clicking on the other. Whenever the total score is under 0, the game's over. At the end, you'll be given a level depending on the highest score.

Starry cursor

Move around your cursor on the canvas. Stars will follow 🌟

Rainy window animation

Right click on the canvas to add more raindrops.

Asteroids animation

When the cursor is approaching, the asteroids will dodge! Refresh the page to get new asteroids.

Order vs Chaos

Move the mouse left and right to break the waves. 🌊🌊🌊

UTC clock

Hover on the time zone. You'll get the current time. The bar represents the rest of time you have today.